What Leaders are saying about Kabelo Khumalo

Foreword GCG

The cumulative sum of all our faith experiences comes down to one underlying question: has anything changed? Game Changing God reminded me of a personal journey that stretched over 21 years. It articulately and powerfully lays out a response to that question. I found myself stretched, uplifted and thankful. There is no doubt in my mind that the diversity of these stories, their depth and the final destination will fuel your faith. The people who have bravely bared their souls on these pages are known to me. Their journey into the gospel of grace is inspiring. It mirrors my own discovery of the ‘God of all grace’. Our Christian understanding and experience is shaped by many things; in some instances, we have been incorrectly informed. These flaws have produced a pointless Christianity, the kind of faith that smart people shun. I was left with a huge challenge while pastoring a congregation based at a university. All our singing and preaching needed to amount to some tangible change or it would fall into the domain of superstitious sideshows. Kabelo has captured a few pivotal moments, the experiences that shaped the lives of thousands who worshipped together often, stumbled occasionally and surrounded completely. I am forever changed by the community of student believers who gathered s a body we called His People, and, later, Father’s House Family Church.

 Ps. George Georgiou


Dear Kabelo

I had the privilege of editing your book Husband Twerk for your Wife and believe you were brought into my life for a reason. The advice and examples you discuss have made me think hard about my own marriage and circumstances; about the issues irritating both of us, but that we have not been able to resolve and thus churn around in our relationship to create significant problems. There were times you had me almost in tears (and others where you did – your marriage proposal was something to behold) as I realised the roots to our miscommunication; the ease with which both of us have gotten into the habit of closing down and waiting for the other one to apologise while feeling aggrieved and also my own faults when I should have learnt. There is no doubt this book can save marriages and relationships and for that I applaud you.

 Nicola- Editor at Reach Publishers