Husband Twerk For Your Wife

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About the book
Marriage is a team sport. If one player does all the work alone, while the other does little to none, the other will soon burn out. In marriage, husbands cannot put in little to no effort in household chores and expect their wives to do household chores and still have the energy for sex. A husband and wife need to work together to ensure they enter the lovemaking chamber with some energy left. And like in mathematics, what happens on the left-hand side must also occur on the right-hand side to balance the equation. Husbands must put in the effort to entertain their wives in the lovemaking chamber. If wives must do all the entertaining, they will run out of ideas and energy. But If husbands creatively participate in bedroom entertainment, wives will continuously be fuelled and excited to entertain. This book gives a holistic approach to the concept of working together and sexual entertainment in marriage.  

This book will:
• Challenge, encourage and give husbands ideas on how to entertain their wives sexually;
• Challenge the notion that house chores are for wives only and how husbands can play a role in house chores;
• Show how sound management of house chores can leave the wife and husband with enough energy for sex;
• Encourage women that sex is not romance but a part of romance.